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Strata CBD is West Australia owned and operated and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Strata Administration Services. We keep the profits in Western Australia and continue to invest in this great state. Strata CBD has been established to specifically service the Perth metro area, with a focus on residential, retail and commercial high rise facilities. Strata CBD has a team of professional strata managers with over 30 years’ experience in strata management in Western Australia. With a wide network of business partners and suppliers we can ensure a seamless and efficient strata management solution to meet the needs of your facility.
Warren Kiddle

Warren Kiddle

SCA (WA) Certified Strata Community Manager - CSCM Cert IV In Property Services

Warren Kiddle, the director of Strata Administration Services is an Accredited Member of Strata Community Australia (WA). Warren has been working in Strata Management in Western Australia since 1995, making him one of the most experienced, passionate and respected Strata Managers in the industry. Warren champions innovative thinking within the Strata Management industry and enjoys the contact he experiences on a day-to-day basis with both clients and suppliers. Warren has undertaken substantial investment in order to create Strata CBD for his Perth City clients, and intends to maintain his organisation’s success and reputation through the development of this new sector.

Strata CBD is part of a collaboration of four strata management companies whose purpose is to provide a customised management strategy for each type of strata scheme in Western Australia.

Specialising in small to medium scale residential schemes with a DIY option for 5 lot schemes and new developments.

Specialising in small to medium commercial and residential schemes and community title.

Specialising in medium to large scale high rise and mixed-use schemes and new development schemes.

Specialising in defect liability of new complexes, defining boundaries of strata plans with a focus on mediating all issues relating of strata.

Established in 1978 and considered one of the most experienced Strata Management Company’s in Perth, with a dedicated team and unparalleled communication.

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